UK PM Johnson celebrates election win on trip to north

Prime Minister Boris Johnson celebrated his election win on Saturday (December 14) - in the former strongholds of his Labour opponents in northern England.

He pledged to repay their trust for aiding a stunning victory for his Conservative Party in Britain's general election.


"Remember we are not the masters, we are the servants now. We are the servants now. And our job is to serve the people of this country and to deliver on our priorities. And our priorities and their priorities are the same, and of course that's getting Brexit done, but it is also delivering on our National Health Service, our education, safer streets, better hospitals, a better future for our country. That is what we are going to deliver, that is what we are going to focus on. Thank you all very much for your time, thank you for coming along this morning, thank you for your wonderful achievement in transforming our party, transforming the political map of this country and I think, putting Britain on a better, brighter path."

The result saw the crumbling of Labour's "Red Wall" of typically safe seats in working class areas across northern and central England.

But these areas voted largely in favor of leaving the European Union in the 2016 referendum.

Meaning many voters were won over by Johnson's campaign slogan to "Get Brexit Done".