Underwater chess: a battle of minds and lungs

STORY: Could you win a game of underwater chess?

Location: London

[Zarein Dolab, Dive chess player]

"I thought it would be a breeze but it definitely isn’t. Trying to see the pieces, keep yourself down there is a lot more difficult especially if you are playing a long game there doing 30/40 moves and every time going down and coming up it's a marathon in itself, you know."

Dive chess is played with a submerged chessboard and magnetic pieces

Players must hold their breath while making their move

Once they go up for air, it's their opponents' turn

33-year-old Michal Mazurkiewicz from Poland emerged as this year's world champion

[Michal Mazurkiewicz, Winner / Dive Chess World Championships]

''I think that 60 percent is chess and 40 percent is like other skills swimming, keeping your body controlled, your pressure and your breath."