Unseasonal tornadoes lash US south

Southeastern parts of the USA have been ploughed by a storm front in which the winds caused at least two people’s deaths.

The community of Adairsville, north of Atlanta, Georgia, was left shredded.

Tornadoes were reported in Mississippi, Indiana and Tennessee, along a more than thousand kilometre corridor.

At Owen’s Bar-B-Q roadside grill, employee Chrystal Bagley said: “It lasted probably about, I want to say about 20 seconds, maybe. After we made it into the rest room it quit.”

Haulier Danny Odum said: “When we went back, my truck was turned over and all the glass was blown out of it. My dog was in it but he’s not hurt. Nobody’s hurt. That’s the main thing.”

Emergency officials said minor injuries requiring hospital treatment were sporadic.

The wind split and hurled trees and treated large objects like toys all the way north to Pennsylvania, which borders on the state of New York.