US school massacre renews debate over gun control

As the scale of the school shooting emerged, anti-gun campaigners quickly rallied.

For those who want tougher measures introduced, there was only one question – will this latest shooting spree spur lawmakers into action.

According to David Chipman from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, there are serious problems in gun control management.

“In Virginia, for instance, where I live, if you wanted to buy a beer, you would have to show ID in prove you are 21. If you wanted to buy some of the weapons that are allegedly found in today’s crime, you can do that with a private individual, show no ID, and you wouldn’t even have to be 21. It’s that kind of incongruity in the law that common Americans just think are, it’s insane,” he said.

America has witnessed multiple mass shootings this year ranging from killings at a cinema to a Sikh Temple.

According to some estimates, more than 30,000 people are shot dead with a further 20,000 hurt by gun crime each year.