Violence over but tensions still high between supporters and opponents of President Mursi

The streets of Cairo look quiet for the moment but the tense political standoff between supporters of President Mursi and his opponents still hangs heavy in the air.

After a night of fierce clashes, which reportedly killed 7 people, the Republican Guard was charged with defending and clearing the area around the presidential palace.

They managed to restore some sort of order by dispersing the crowd.

But it was mainly pro-Mursi supporters that stuck to the 3p.m. deadline. Of those who stayed, most were his opponents.

President Mursi sparked anger by issuing a decree on the 22nd November, effectively granting him sweeping powers. Egypt’s tensions have escalated ever since.

He is due to give a speech late on Thursday to address the situation.

But his opponents have already vowed that the blood spilled so far will not be wasted.