World Congress of Philosophy opens in Greece

The XXIII World Congress of Philosophy has opened in Athens. Chaired by the President of the international Federation of Philosophical Societies William McBride, this highbrow get-together takes place every five years. The theme this time is “Philosophy as Inquiry and a Way of Life” with scholars including a discussion on the state of Europe: “Modern European society at its best is trying to be a rational society and an inclusive society, that respects the differences of others. A strong Europe will require rethinking of what is the meaning of our European identity,” opined Professor Dermot Moran. “We must not close ourselves to the rest of the world, not consider Europe or our countries as a fortress. Not thinking, that, if we close ourselves to the world, we will be better off. If we close ourselves to the world, we will be nothing,” said Professor Luca Scarantino. The ancient Greek setting is an apt venue for the debates and lofty thoughts… our reporter trying to keep up, Panos Kitsikopoulos said: “The symbolical meaning of the Congress has to do with the return of Philosophy to its actual birthplace, as 2013 marks 2400 years since the founding of Plato’s Academy. Special sessions will be held at the Academy and in Aristotle’s Lyceum.” The congress is taking place from August 4 until August 10.

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