Videos: 10 Weird Whitney Houston Sports Moments

Could there be any weird sports videos of Whitney Houston? The recent death of the singer has social media bursting with R.I.P Whitney Houston and #favoritewhitneysong tributes. Over the years, the music moments she shared with the sports world, like her 1999 performance at the Sports Illustrated Awards, has brought tears to the eyes of audience members.

Thankfully, the internet also provides many of Houston's fun-loving sports moments that showed her odd sense of humor.

1. Contact sports and love

In Houston's early days, she was drawn toward to the simplest of pop songs. When she released her second album "Whitney" in 1987, one of the hits on it involved sports. Contained in the "Love is a Contact Sport" lyrics are the cheesy lines, "Love is a contact sport. You gotta act untamed, if you wanna play the game. So grab my hand and.... slam!..."

2. Super Bowl 25 produces odd hit single

Super Bowl XXV in 1991 featured Whitney Houston singing the "The Star Spangled Banner." While this is a normal part of major sporting events, a lot of singers do a terrible job. However, when Houston sang this honored classic, fans could not wait to get a copy.

For this reason, she released this as a single and did what no other singer could do with this song -- she turned it into a top chart hit. Like other top Super Bowl performances, Houston was lip-syncing at this show.

3. The voice of the 1988 Olympics

One of the feats that Whitney Houston is known for is being the voice of the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea and Los Angeles. Her hit "One Moment in Time" was not strange at all. The theme was appropriate and the lyrics evoked emotion in fans and athletes. Despite this, her video for the song has a somewhat odd introduction for viewing eyes 24 years later.

4. Awkward executive office remarks

In 1992, Whitney Houston started to spend more time in Atlanta. Her new marriage to Bobby Brown on July 18 of that year followed with a home purchased there. In September, she was asked to sing, "One Moment in Time" at the local celebration for the Olympic flag's arrival in Atlanta.

Everyone loved the show that day, but President George Bush Sr.'s remarks on "Flag Jam '92" were rather strange. In his public speech he said, "A little while ago Whitney Houston sang about a "precious moment in time.'' And already you should be proud of some precious memories, for once again, the South has made the impossible possible." He went on to commend Atlanta for one-upping LA as the perfect host for the 1996 Olympics.

5. Whitney's sports celebrity romance

Today, singers dating sports stars is a regular occurrence. In 1987, Houston's release of "Didn't We Almost Have It All " was speculated to have been linked to Philadelphia Eagles player Randall Cunningham. During an interview with Ebony Magazine in 1987, Houston rebutted the gossip about her relationship with Cunningham. The interviewer oddly remarked that all the stress was, "enough to drive a good Christian girl to drink, drugs, or at least cursing. But not Whitney Houston."

6. World Cup dance disaster

The FIFA World Cup closed in 1994 with a performance by Houston singing "I Wanna Dance" for a crowd of fans at the Rose Bowl. Despite the best of intentions, there were obviously a lot of problems that day. The soccer field was a bizarre display of choreographed flag toting that reminds the modern viewer of live-action Tetris. Finally, Houston's singing was definitely in need of lip-syncing.

7. Whitney's love hate boxing relationship

Many people know that Whitney Houston wrote "The Greatest Love of All" with inspiration from the 1975 Muhammad Ali biography "The Greatest." What most people do not know is that she also performed for Ali's 50th birthday celebration in 1992.

For this reason, we should not be surprised to find her at Ali's "Celebrity Fight Night." Despite this, she confessed to a reporter in 2008 that she was not a boxing fan.

8. Whitney Houston the basketball star

In 1988, a basketball star was born in Memphis. This baby girl's godmother was a big fan of singer Whitney Houston and made sure she carried this celebrity name. Currently playing for UTEP Miners (University of Texas - El Paso), this basketball player had a strange day when her opponents came to town.

In order to welcome their rivals from Houston, UTEP had a "Whitney Houston Day". Although the basketball player promised to make a video of her singing a Whitney song, there is currently no evidence online.

9. The real deal behind the "Bodyguard"

In addition to her movie called the "Bodyguard", Houston naturally needed her own athletic personal security team. Heading that operation was Alan Jacobs and he was the tough bodyguard for Whitney in the late 1990s.

Since that time, he has had a career move that involves making video demonstrations for gyms. For example, Jacobs uses an actor for the weird gun disarm demo he does at Allen Branch's Fitness One Training Systems. Strangely, in the past 10 years, he has put his security days behind him and has been working as a loan officer.

10. Magic owes Houston a favor

It is difficult to find anything that exists about the LA Lakers Magic Johnson talk show, "The Magic Hour." Sports Illustrated dug up an old video of the weird serenade that Magic leered out of her, but what about the stranger stuff? As it turns out, Magic owes Houston a huge favor.

When Magic was romancing the Starbucks corporation over a business deal, he took CEO Howard Schultz to the movies. It coincided with the opening of Houston's 1995 movie "Waiting to Exhale." After 20 minutes of watching the revved up crowd, Schultz told Magic, "Earvin, I never had a movie-going experience quite like this." In the end, the experience Schultz had got Magic the business deal he was seeking.

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