Videos show a cute kitty ‘vibing’ in a hammock

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This cool kitty loves nothing more than 'vibing' in a hammock with his best friend - Uncle Henry, the pooch.

Heartwarming videos show one-year- old tabby Cheddar Bob relaxing in the hammock as it swings back and forth without a care in the world.

Owner Maddy Reeves began filming Bob's rest and relaxation sessions and the videos went viral on her TikTok 'Catinahammock' getting six million views from around the world.

Maddy, 22, from Tampa, Florida, said: "I discovered he loved the hammock by chance! He is absolutely terrified of the outdoors but I took a chance and brought him into the hammock with me one day. 

"I was genuinely shocked that he didn't try to jump out! He was so relaxed that he started to fall asleep, that's when I started recording. 

"His head tilting back and forth was the cutest thing I had ever seen and I just wanted to share it with my friends. I had no Idea the video would eventually reach over six million views.

"I always call him my sour patch baby. He can be quite mean most times, rarely sweet, and always running away from me when I show him affection. 

"There are those rare instances where he will actually sit beside me and cuddle into me, but those moments can quickly be ruined if I try to reciprocate the love. 

"This is why it was so surprising that he would not only tolerate the hammock with me, but actually enjoy it."