Videos show snow covering the desert in Saudi Arabia

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Fluffy white snow covering desert sands in Saudi Arabia... it seems unreal, but the spectacular phenomenon isn't all that rare. On January 1, snow fell in northwestern Saudi Arabia, in the town of Jebel al Lawz in the province of Tabuk. Some people rushed to the area, taking amazing videos of the scene.

One of the videos shows a man plunging his hand into what seems to be sand. But underneath a thin layer of orange sand is a thick bed of snow. The result of desert sands covering the snow reminded some internet users of a familiar Italian dessert: tiramisu.

Plenty of curious people flocked to the area to see the snow. Some men sang traditional songs in honour of the first snowfall, which usually comes later on in the year.

The yearly snowfalls have been more significant since 2018. The National Center for Meteorology warned Saudis of severe thunderstorms in several parts of the kingdom earlier this week.

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