Vietnamese baker delights customers with bread the shape of different animals

This baker in Ho Chi Minh City delights his customers with bread in the shape of different animals including crocodiles. Phan Thanh Phuoc has been creating unique loaves of bread in the shape of ducks, spiders and even snakes for almost four years. The loaves are made in just 15 minutes and are smeared with butter to give the food a nice shine. Phuoc said: "Many people do not know that they have a pattern, but in fact, I do it completely by hand, it takes a lot of time, doing each step. "Funny animals are favoured by many people. "It was difficult to move for sale, I was afraid the bread would be broken. I have to make bread in an area where the workers have a long distance so I have to go slowly so that I do not break the legs and arms. If the leg or arm is broken, it is difficult to sell, not as beautiful as it was at first." The baker is able to make around 70 loaves each day and the price ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 Vietnamese dong (£0:30 to £1.60) each.