Vietnamese man uses bare hands and no diving gear to catch fish and shrimp

Vietnamese man Mr Pham Xuan Hung has a special talent for catching shrimp and fish with his bare hands. In video shot on Friday 21 january, he is seen diving without goggles or gear, three to six metres (9.8-10.6 feet) deep in muddy water. Every day, Mr Hung catches several kilograms of shrimp and fish in Cho Moi district of An Giang province. It is a skill he learned young. His family has been diving this way for three generations. Mr Hung said: “Around the 10th or 25th day of the lunar calendar (month), when the water level is low, shrimp and fish often go to the riverbank or tree to take shelter. At this time, I dive in the river and use my hands to find it. Sometimes I have to swim after the shrimp to find a way to catch it. Catching shrimp is easier than catching fish, sometimes I am afraid that it will stab my hands and feet." Partner Mr Le Van Giang said: “Mr Hung is very good at catching shrimp. Every time I go diving, I catch a few kilograms of shrimp and fish."

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