Viewers complain 'Queen of the World' documentary featured 'too much Meghan and not enough Queen'

Ben Arnold
Queen of the World (Credit: ITV)

Viewers of last night’s ITV documentary Queen of the World were promised an intimate snapshot of the life of the Queen.

But many felt short-changed, complaining that there was too much focus on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and not enough on the head of state.

Many took to Twitter to voice their disappointment.

Critics also noted that the film’s crew clearly only had limited access to Markle, and as such dragged out the footage they had, notably a scene in which her wedding dress was discussed at extreme length.

The Independent’s reviewer Sean O’Grady noted: “We were treated to about 10 minutes of quite, well, inconsequential conversation about the embroidered version of the national flowers of each of the 53 states of the Commonwealth of Nations.

(Credit: ITV)

“I’m afraid the Meghan/Commonwealth flowers chit-chat went on for an awfully long time. Thank goodness I was not personally in the presence of royalty, or else I’d have had to stifle a sizeable yawn, plus a couple of smirks.”

Viewers spotted that too.

Meanwhile, others found the revelation that Meghan broke protocol by closing her own car door equally uninspiring.

Now THAT would be a show.

The second part of Queen of the World airs on ITV next Tuesday night.

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