What Viewers Will Expect from Pauly D and MTV’s “The Pauly D Project”

It's about that time for the MTV spin-offs to start cranking up. Ever since the rumor broke that "Jersey Shore's" Pauly D (aka Paul DelVecchio) was getting his own show, we've been chomping at the bit to figure out the slant. But alas, the time has come. "The Pauly D Project" is MTV's 1st spinoff---set to debut on March 29th; cameras will follow the DJ and his infamous blowout around the town. We can't wait to see him do his thing at the clubs. But since there's only so much spinning you do, we'll be looking for some other enticing aspects of the show…

Pauly and Vinny-style Camaraderie

It's entirely feasible that we would expect to see the kind of bonding with a cast member that he shared with Seaside roommate Vinny Guadagnino. The witty banter is what made Pauly D a star at the Shore. So, we imagine that out of the fast-paced excitement that is Pauly's life, a handy sidekick will inevitably be spawned.

Celebrity Cameos

We're living through the eyes of the one and only Pauly D. He came from rocking local clubs to rocking with the G-unit record label. How's that for the ultimate single guy's fantasy? That said, expect plenty of oohs and ahhs courtesy of the ever-gratuitous celebrity cameo.

The Catchphrases

Ohhh yeahh! Cabs are heahh! These are just a few of the wonderful new phrases inducted into MTV pop culture, courtesy of our favorite blown-out reality star. Pauly and his spirited way of speaking are perhaps what caught the eyes of network execs. How could you not celebrate the clever spontaneity that is the DJ's whole shtick? He was a spinoff just waiting to happen.

Girls, girls, girls…

Ahh yes. The romance. What would an MTV show be without some potential reasons to make more parents mad? That said, we'd certainly want a firsthand look at the crazy world that is Pauly's love life. His reality show will probably be packed with all sorts of hot ladies, maybe even a few aggressive ones who "stalk his entire life." We can only hope.

Oh yeah, the DJ thing…

And since DJ'ing is one of the things that Pauly does best, it would behoove MTV to show him doing just that. Few of us realize the madness and excitement associated with the DJ lifestyle. We can anticipate one or two "Pauly D Problems" along the way, making for a wonderful hot mess of a reality series. Add a few cameras and throw some money at the production budget and you have the makings for a pretty juicy show. Don't be surprised if after a few seasons of watching "The Pauly D Project", we forget that he ever lived in a house with seven roommates.

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