Viewers left puzzled as Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby try 'laughter yoga'

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby left viewers a tad confused on Thursday morning during what has to be one of the strangest This Morning features to date.

The presenting duo took part in ‘laughter yoga’ with the help of ‘laughing guru’ Louise. The ‘workout’ involves various giggling and laughter exercises which are said to induce the same endorphins released after a physical workout.

In an attempt to beat the ‘January blues’ Willoughby and Schofield were instructed to clap and laugh on command.

“It’s weird and wonderful, right?” joked the instructor.

“It’s really weird, but I quite like it!” replied a giggling Willoughby.

Both Schofield and Willoughby admitted this was probably the most ‘bizarre’ on air activity they’d ever participated in, and rather ironically, struggled to keep a straight face throughout their segment with the ‘Guru.’

In their final exercise, they were instructed to pretend to ‘flash’ one another as they inhaled and zipped and unzipped a coat.

Viewers at home’s reactions were divided, with some praising the segment and others left seemingly confused.

One wrote, “This made my morning!” while another quipped, “Loved this! Made me cry with laughter…just what the doctor ordered.” A third joked: ‘Can’t help but smile watching this, though it is crazy!’

But not everyone were so appreciative. One user claimed, “Made for uncomfortable viewing I thought!” while another wrote “Anyone else feeling cringey watching this?”

Many also appeared to be left utterly confused by the segment with a viewer asking “What is going on?” and another “This cannot be for real?”

This is one of several rather unusual This Morning segments this week. Kerry Katona appeared on the show on Tuesday, introducing her ‘long-lost brother’ Jason to the world.

Katona claimed this was only the second time the siblings had met, despite being in touch with one another for the last nine years. She also attributed her three divorces to lacking a ‘father figure’ growing up.

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