Viewers LOVED Danny Dyer's 'Right Royal Family'

Ben Arnold
Danny Dyer (Credit: BBC)
Danny Dyer (Credit: BBC)

Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family, which aired on the BBC last night, is poised to knock the Bros documentary off the top spot of TV’s most quotable moments in recent memory.

Viewers loved seeing the EastEnders star plumbing further back into his family history on the show – particularly after that time on Who Do You Think You Are? when he discovered he was related to Edward III and has lineage back to William The Conqueror.

Now it’s emerged that he’s descended from a saint – Louis IX, his 26 times great-grandfather, who was canonised in 1297.

But it was moments like telling a watermelon to ‘get hold of that’ after being impaled with a pike, Dyer’s own coinage with his head on one side and the West Ham emblem on the other and talk of ‘trumpet stabbings’ which sent viewers into cockney rapture.

Not everyone loved it, of course.

But considering it turns out that, yes, he could technically become king – though it would take some kind of bloodbath to arrive at that eventuality – one might be advised to keep one’s opinions to one’s self.

All hail.

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