Viewers mock Piers Morgan as he loses NTA to 'This Morning'

‘Good Morning Britain’ lost out to ‘Good Morning’ at Tuesday’s NTA’s. (REX/Shutterstock)
‘Good Morning Britain’ lost out to ‘Good Morning’ at Tuesday’s NTA’s. (REX/Shutterstock)

Piers Morgan was stone-faced and didn’t even applaud his rivals Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield as they took home best Daytime show at tonight’s National Television Awards.

The 53-year-old GMB presenter lost out to This Morning, after weeks of passionately campaigning across television and social media for the coveted award.

A delighted Schofield kissed Morgan on the forehead just before going up to collect his prize, and Morgan reluctantly shook his hand.

And his rather sore loser reaction went far from unnoticed by viewers at home. Many took to Twitter to mock his over-the-top reaction, as well as criticise him for not clapping for his ITV colleagues.

Morgan had offered to go vegan for a week if Good Morning Britain won and threatened ‘uncontrollable violence’ if his show didn’t take home the award.

And it looks like Morgan is set to unleash his strength as he failed to take home an award this time around.

The former Daily Mirror editor has also said he will retire for a year if Ant & Dec win best TV Presenters. On Tuesday morning he slammed Ant McPartlin as a ‘dog walker’ and said he didn’t deserve the award as he’d spent most of the year off television as a result of his drink-driving arrest last year.

“Imagine if Ant McPartlin actually wins tonight and we don’t, walking the dog for a year, television personality of the year,” he said on GMB.

“Me, coal face every morning hours on end, week after week, nothing. Imagine if you think it’s a reasonable way to conduct the award seasons business, seriously.

“If so next year I will take the day off every day and walk my dog. I don’t even have a dog. I intend to do that if I can find a dog,” he continued.

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