Viewers reckon I’m A Celebrity is fixed in one person’s favour

Enraged viewers of I’m A Celebrity reckon TV bosses have already decided the outcome of this year’s show.

Scarlett Moffatt/Rex Photos

Some hacked-off fans reckon Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt is being given waaaay more airtime than the other celebrities – and it’s all because the powers that be have already decided that she needs to win.

Irate viewers insist that 25-year-old Scarlett has constantly been shown favouritism and handed an unfair amount of time in the jungle’s Bush Telegraph. She’s been the hot favourite to win the show with the bookies ever since the show’s line-up was first announced.

In fact, even some wives and relatives of other contestants on the show reckon their loved-ones have got no chance of winning against the might of Moffatt. Asked if her husband Danny was going to triumph yesterday Wendy Baker simply replied: “No, Scarlett is going to win.” Nice!

Scarlett Moffatt/Rex

Some viewers were also less than convinced by Scarlett’s tears following Danny Baker and Martin Roberts row earlier in the week.

“Scarlett is a complete fake, I bet she’s the biggest bully”,” tweeted one disgruntled fan, while another raged: “As much as I love I’m A Celebrity, it’s getting really annoying that 90% of the airtime is filled with Scarlett, bit of favouritism going on?”

“That wasn’t an argument,” tweeted another. “Scarlett maybe slightly over-reacting or playing the game?”

Scarlett Moffatt/Rex

Even James Jordan, whose wife Ola is one of Scarlett’s campmates, isn’t convinced by the Gogglebox star’s schtick.

“I do like Scarlett but it’s almost like she’s been scripted,” he trilled. “She knows exactly what to say to get people on her side. Is it real?”