Villagers Shocked By Noise From 500 Swingers At Weekend SEX FESTIVAL

Rather than enjoying a peaceful and relaxing weekend, the villagers of Flaxey were forced to put up with the sound of moaning when a sex festival set up camp for the weekend.

The small village in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, was picked as the place to host ‘Swingfields’ - where 500 people turned up to have sex with each other.

And the village population - which totals just 30 or so people - knew nothing about it until swingers started turning up in cars and vans before pitching up their tents.

Describing the noise that came from the site as “intolerable”, one resident said that they should have been told in advance about the event.

They said: “It was quite a shock when we went down to the gates on Thursday night to ask them to keep the music down.

"Let’s just say when we saw a banner with the words ‘3 is the magic number’ and a variety of interesting images we knew this wasn’t just your usual music festival.”

Another villager added: “The fact is, it is not even about the nature of the festival as people can do what they like in private.

"It’s the noise which has just been intolerable. It has been 48 hours of hell. I have had just four hours of sleep since Thursday.

"We keep going to ask the organisers to turn the music down and have contacted Environmental Health and the police but nothing has been done.”

A neighbour fumed: "The fact that people can come into our village without any regard for our community which includes a large number of young families is just repulsive.”

Swingers were not told about the location of the festival until two days before so as to keep things discreet - but it was such a secret that villagers were not warned at all.

Residents also complained of people attempting to break in to the festival grounds through their gardens.

Swingfields 2015 featured three days of live music, as well as a themed zone, hot tubs and a sauna, a chill pool, workshops, live shows and stalls selling adult toys.

The organisers’ website said single men were entitled to attend but limits on numbers were put in place to ensure “a perfect balance for all guests”.

The only dress code was that attendees should have their bottom halves covered up.

Swingfields started in 2013 and has taken place in Worcestershire but moved to Flaxley for the first time this year.