Vin Diesel says he's working on the "grand finale" of the Fast and Furious franchise

 Fast X trailer.
Fast X trailer.

Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel has promised one epic finale for the franchise.

Taking to Instagram, the actor teased the upcoming installment in the long-running movie series.

"Just finished our end of the week Fast meeting with the writers and the whole team… to say the excitement for our finale was incredibly powerful is an understatement. Wow. So exciting…" he wrote.

"While everyone was heading into the weekend amped and excited, I thought of you all… reminded of the countless moments when your enthusiasm and passion became the driving force behind our creative journey," the caption continues. "Your commitment to our saga has had a unique impact on its success and evolution… as my youngest daughter would say, it's profound.

"Thank you for being the backbone of this global saga that because of you, transcends the screen. This grand finale is not just an ending; it's a celebration of the incredible family we've built together. Hope to make you proud!"

The as yet untitled film will be a follow-up to last year's Fast X. Diesel previously teased that Fast X could end up getting two sequels, but, judging by the Instagram post, it sounds as if the next film will be the last of the mainline series.

"Obviously the next one is coming, and then yeah, one movie at a time. I think the one thing that Hollywood keeps reminding us is that it's one step at a time, put one foot forward at a time," Fast X director Louis Leterrier told GamesRadar+ of Diesel's sequel comments. "Let's count our blessings. We're very lucky this movie was well-received and well-loved, people went to see it in a movie theater and now they're going to see it at home. It's one at a time."

Fast & Furious spin-offs are also on the way, so this isn't quite the end. Still, it sounds like it'll be an emotional farewell to the main movies.

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