Vine creator teases new ‘V2’ app

Ben Travis
Could Vine be making a comeback as 'V2'?: Twitter: Dom Hoffman

Social media app Vine could be making a comeback less than a year since it was axed.

Vine, which allowed users to create six-second looping videos, could be revived according to a tweet from its co-founder Dom Hofmann.

The post simply read ‘v2’, with a new logo in the same mint-green colour as the original Vine.

The news comes after he tweeted at the end of November that he was working on a ‘follow-up’ to the original video app.

“I’m going to work on a follow-up to Vine,” he wrote on November 30. “I’ve been feeling it myself for some time and have seen a lot of tweets, DMs, etc.

“I’m funding it myself as an outside project, so it doesn’t interfere with the (quite exciting) work we’re doing at the company, which is my first priority.

“Nothing else to share yet, but more as it develops.”

The original Vine was shut down in January 2017 by Twitter, who bought the video app in 2012 for an estimated $30 million.

Vine originated the trend for short looping videos, and the feature was quickly replicated by rival apps like Instagram.