Vintage Car Ploughs Through Fence of Gold Coast Home

Home security footage captured the moment an empty vintage car ploughed through the front yard of a Gold Coast property on November 13.

Joanna Lacy, who supplied this video, told Storyful the incident caused “a lot of structural damage” to her house, with the entire front wall needing replacement. She said flooring in the living room may also need to be replaced.

“My car was smashed out of the way prior to the [Holden] Kingswood breaking through our fence,” she said. “The fencing is destroyed. The stairs leading down to the house entry are destroyed as is the grass area in the front yard where the tow truck has had to winch the Kingswood out of the yard sideways.”

She described the sound of the incident as “horrific”.

“No one was injured in the incident thankfully,” Lacy said, adding that all parties were insured. Credit: Joanna Lacy via Storyful

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