Vinted buyer stunned by reason they don't get package – and it involves XL Bully

XL Bully
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

A Vinted has gone viral after they expressed frustration after their purchase failed to arrive on time.

Their situation shared on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by the popular account DM Drama (@dmdramaa) – and has since gone viral.

The buyer, concerned about the delay to their package, messaged the seller asking if the item had been dispatched as it was beyond the five-day period stipulated by Vinted.

The seller responded with an unexpected excuse, explaining: "So sorry, I got bitten badly by an XL bully on way to work. They put me on a stretcher, I can't move. I'm gonna be in hospital so you will have to wait."

Skeptical of the seller's story, the buyer demanded proof, saying: "Yeah right, I've heard every excuse under the sun on this app. Send proof if it really happened."

In response, the seller sent a photo showing them on a stretcher with a severe scar, which led the buyer to apologise and inquire if the dog had been muzzled. The seller explained the circumstances of the attack, saying: "It wasn't muzzled no," and detailed how the incident occurred unprovoked while they were simply walking, with the dog's owner failing to intervene.

The conversation concluded with the buyer expressing a strong opinion on the breed, stating: "Those dogs need to be banned from the UK. The muzzle law is not enough so many dogs are bad and this is one of those breeds."

The seller stated: "Yeah I agree, people say it's down to the owner but it's wrong. The dogs are bad news."

The post certainly captured attention – racking up 855,000 views since it was shared this week.

American Bully XL dogs are no longer permitted in England and Wales, and this ban is set to be enforced in Scotland later this month. Northern Ireland has also declared that they plan to impose a ban on American Bully XL type dogs as of March 5th.