Violent clashes in Lebanon as police hit anti-Trump protestors with tear gas

Martin Coulter
Lebanese security forces fire tear gas to disperse protestors as a fire burns in a dumpster during a demonstration outside the US embassy: AFP/Getty Images

Violent clashes have erupted at the US Embassy in Lebanon as protestors took to the streets to criticise Donald Trump's recent interventions in the Middle East.

Activists attacked the US President's recent decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and his plans to move Israel's US Embassy there.

Security forces fired tear gas and water cannon to force back flag-waving protesters close to the embassy complex north of the capital, Beirut.

Overnight the Arab League condemned the US decision. It said the US could no longer be relied on as a broker of peace in the Middle East.

Lebanese security forces use a water hose to disperse protestors during a demonstration outside the US embassy (AFP/Getty Images)

The protest was just one of a number throughout the world, including demonstrations in Israel, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey, Italy and Sweden.

Turkish president Recep Erdogan reportedly referred to Israel as a "terrorist state" that "kills children" in an address in the central city of Sivas.

Meanwhile a 24-year-old Palestinian man has been arrested after stabbing an Israeli police officer in Jerusalem. The victim is said to be in a "serious condition".

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently at the Elysee Palace, in Paris, where he is meeting French president Emmanuel Macron.

Israel says it has targeted sites in Gaza belonging to militant group Hamas in retaliation over an attack. Israeli military said it hit weapons sites early on Saturday morning.

Two people were killed in the strikes, according to local reports, bringing the deaths in Israeli strikes and gunfire over the past few days to four.