Violent rapist who believed he was ‘irresistible’ jailed for attacks on women who turned him down

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Yonattan Gonzalez Pineda (MPS)
Yonattan Gonzalez Pineda (MPS)

A man who believes he is “irresistible” has been jailed for 11-and-a-half years for rape and violent assaults on women who turned him down.

Yonattan Gonzalez Pineda, 33, held one woman at his home for more than three hours after she rejected his advances, throttling her until she passed out and then raping her when she woke up again.

As he grabbed the terrified woman around her neck, Gonzalez Pineda said to her: “Do you feel the connection now?”, Wood Green crown court heard.

Gonzalez Pineda was already under investigation at that stage for an attack on another woman, who he struck around the face with a glass bottle when she too rejected his romantic advances.

Jailing him on Thursday, Judge Guy Mathieson told Gonzalez Pineda: “You have to put aside your arrogance and your sense of entitlement and come to terms with what you have done.”

He said: “You have accepted no responsibility for what you did, and blamed them for effectively fabricating all the allegations against you because you are so irresistible that they could not take your rejection.”

The first attack happened in November 2019, when Gonzalez Pineda rushed up behind the victim as she left a Southwark bar with a friend at the end of a night out.

The woman was struck with a beer bottle and then punched in the face, suffering wounds to her forehead and bruising around one of her eyes.

While on bail for the first attack, Gonzalez Pineda attacked a second woman at his Tottenham home in June last year after she rejected him and said they did not “have a connection”.

The woman was throttled and beaten around the face by Gonzalez Pineda, who forced her into sex while keeping her captive.

“Such was her fear that in the end she had to suffer the heinous indignity of being raped by you as her only option to get you to let her leave,” said the judge, calling the defendant “violent, abusive, controlling and dominating”.

“You demonstrated total control over her to teach her a lesson, that no one rejects Yonattan Gonzalez Pineda”, he said.

“You felt you could do anything you wanted to her, and you wanted her to know that.”

Gonzalez Pineda, whose explanations at trial were dubbed “embarrassing” by the judge, was convicted of rape, false imprisonment, causing grievous bodily harm with intent and unlawful wounding.

In an impact statement, the rape victim said: “I don’t look forward to anything. When I am in a place full of people and I feel people are getting to close, I struggle to breathe and my heart beats too fast.”

Gonzalez will be on the sex offenders register for the rest of his life.

He must spent at least seven years and five months of his sentence behind bars, and will spend five extra years on licence once the parole board has set him free.

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