Violent storm hits Indonesia, destroying houses and trees

Strong winds accompanied by heavy rain swept across the central region of Indonesia. As a result, hundreds of trees fell and a large number of houses and office buildings were damaged. Footage filmed in Kajen, Pekalongan Regency, Central Java Province on November 6 shows rain pouring down the area during the day. Bang Rois, a security officer at Bank Jateng who filmed the moment from the guard post, said that at that time the rain had subsided, but the sky was still dark. “Suddenly a very strong wind blew from East to West, sweeping everything in its path,” Rois said. The strong wind blew for less than 15 minutes. Official reports noted that this extreme weather resulted in hundreds of homes and offices being severely damaged. There were no casualties, while many trees fell onto the road and hit houses. The power pole collapsed, cutting off the power grid until nightfall. The head of the Pekalongan resort police, Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police Arief Fajar Satria told the media that officers were dispatched to record the damage and help the affected communities. "We haven't received any reports of casualties, but it's estimated that there are injuries. Meanwhile, the access road covered by fallen trees will be cleaned immediately,” the Chief of Police AKBP Satria added.