Viral Clip Of Charles Barkley And Shaq Has Inside The NBA Fans Upset About The Show Ending: 'Save This Show'

 Shaquille O'Neal making a point and Charles Barkley laughing over a joke on Inside the NBA.
Credit: TNT

As of late, all signs have pointed to the cancellation of Inside the NBA, as Warner Bros. Discovery and TNT will likely lose the broadcast rights to the league. With that, the long-running sports talk show would end after the 2024-2025 season. Fans have been making their voices heard amid the uncertainty, and they’ve expressed dissatisfaction with the series’ reported demise. They’ve also paid tribute to the program by sharing memories as well as funny clips of Charles Barkley, Shaq and more. More recently, a newer video of those two particular pundits has gone viral, making fans upset again over the show being axed.

What Clip Is Going Viral, And How Are Fans Reacting To It?

Inside’s latest season ended just a few weeks ago, at which time the show’s quartet of commentators were covering the Western Conference Finals series between the Dallas Mavericks and Minnesota Timberwolves. At one point during a broadcast, Charles Barkley spoke about how hot the weather was in the former city, saying that he wasn’t even able to complete his usual walk. Shaquille O’Neal then chimed in with a sly joke regarding pizza, and you can see it for yourself down below:

That’s just classic Shaq and Chuck if you ask me and, quite frankly, you love to see it. As a longtime viewer, I can think of a number of instances in which the two hall of famers have poked fun at each other, and the results are typically hilarious. Based on the various comments under the video, fans are appreciating the comedy as well. Some attested to the extreme heat (as well as Sir Charles’ fondness for pizza). But a number of others were also in their feelings, as they were reminded that this is the kind of moment we’ll be without should the show end next year. Check out some of the responses:

  • I’m going to miss this show 😭 - @Izzybb310

  • Don't take this show away from us. - @T1MU3

  • Please, please. Save this show!! - @paidinfull_100


I’d be lying if I said my feelings weren’t somewhat close to the viewers above. The notion of not seeing Ernie Johnson, Kenny “The Jet Smith, Shaq and Charles Barkley on Thursday nights is weird. Nevertheless, it seems to be a real possibility unless something changes on the business end of the situation.

Why Is Inside The NBA On The Verge Of Cancellation And What Have The Hosts Said About It?

The broadcast rights to the NBA are set to be distributed amongst Amazon, ABC/ESPN and NBC, with the third of those entities swooping in after Warner opted not to pay the high costs. By the end of May, it was reported that WBD still had a chance to make a bid, though that window seems to be closing as time pushes on. Throughout this period of uncertainty the stars of Inside have mostly remained quiet on the matter, but Charles Barkley has said wild things about it.

Back in May, the “Round Mound of Rebound” got honest about why it “sucks” that the show will end. The former Phoenix Sun isn’t so much concerned about himself but the various employees that he’s worked with over the years, who don’t have the money he possesses. It has seemed apparent that the powers that be would prefer him not to speak during this time. Yet the star was so passionate about the situation that he even pulled a reporter into an elevator for an unauthorized interview to make his case. The outspoken media personality doesn’t seem to care all that much, though, especially given the announcement he just made.

Charles Barkley is officially retiring from TV after next season regardless of what happens with Inside the NBA, and fans were in their feelings over that. The silver lining is that this next year could make for an excellent send-off season for Barkley, Shaq and their colleagues. But it will still be sad to see them go. With that, we’ll just have to relish the time we still have with them on air and appreciate a clip like the “pizza” one any time one hits the web.