Viral TikTok sees four-year-old boy tipping his hat to Disney princesses: ‘So precious’

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A four-year-old is being praised for his polite manners after he was filmed tipping his hat to Disney princesses during a trip to Walt Disney World.

The heartwarming video, which was filmed by the child’s mother, Vanessa Guedert, at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, was shared to TikTok this week, along with the caption: “Disney’s true prince!”

In the clip, Guedert’s son Bernardo can be seen standing and watching as a parade of Disney princesses pass by him at the amusement park, with the little boy removing his Mickey Mouse ear hat in a gesture of chivalry each time one of the characters appears.

At one point, as Snow White danced across the park and waved at guests, Bernardo could be seen waving back before tipping his hat towards the princess, prompting the Disney character to curtsey in gratitude to the four-year-old’s gesture.

As of Friday, the video has been viewed more than 35m times on TikTok, where thousands of viewers have applauded Bernardo’s manners.

“Oh my gosh this is so sweet,” one person commented, while another said: “The tiniest gentleman!”

The viral video even prompted a response from the official Disney Parks TikTok account, which wrote: “Oh my goodness, a true prince! This is adorable!”

The TikTok was also met with praise for Guedert, with many commending her parenting.

“Mom award goes to you! Such a beautiful sight to see,” one viewer wrote, with another user commenting: “Such a gentleman. Good job mama.”

While Bernardo seemed eager to greet the Disney princesses, his mother told Fox News that his favourite Disney movie is actually Toy Story. However, she also noted that her son, who she described as a “great kid” and “very polite [and] happy,” also loves Beauty and the Beast and The Incredibles.

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