Viral travel YouTuber found dead hours after being arrested in child sex abuse probe

Leonel Esteban Borroni
-Credit: (Image: Instagram/@unleonviajerio)

A travel influencer and YouTuber has been found dead at his home just hours after he was arrested as part of a child pornography probe in Argentina.

The body of Leonel Esteban Borroni, 40, was discovered by a relative after they entered his home on the outskirts of Buenos Aires on Friday May 25.

It's understood that the Argentinian YouTuber sent his goodbyes to his loved ones after his home was raided by police on Thursday as part of an ongoing investigation.

The travel influencer was known online by "Un Leon Viajero" which means "A Lion Traveller" in English. Police sources say they believe they took his own life but autopsy results have not been received yet, the Sun reports.

Allegedly, paedophile material was discovered on Leonel's phone which lead to the police raid of his home and his subsequent arrest.

Another six people - five men and one woman - were also implicated as part of this probe, all of whom were aged between 20 and 50.

Leonel had appeared before a judge just hours before he was found dead, and was told he was under investigation as part of an ongoing human trafficking and sex abuse probe. He was then bailed, and allegedly refused to answer any questions about the child pornography believed to have been found.

He hadn't been formally indicted over any crimes before he died. It's thought he was under investigation on suspicion of possession and illegal distribution of child pornography.

The sickening images were said to include victims under the age of 13 being abused by older men and women.

Leonel had 164,000 followers on Instagram and 137,000 TikTok followers as well as a further 140,000 YouTube subscribers. He often posted travel and motorbike content and recently posted from Ecuador and Venezuela.

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