Viral video reveals we’ve all been parking our cars incorrectly: ‘See how evenly spaced they are?’

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User bigbruva_77 went viral with the short clip on TikTok (TikTok)
User bigbruva_77 went viral with the short clip on TikTok (TikTok)

A TikToker has gone viral after revealing that Americans have all been wrongly parking their cars since, well, forever, with the solution proving divisive among drivers.

“What if I told y’all we’d been parking in parking spots wrong the whole time,” user bigbruva_77 said in a short clip alongside a caption that reads: “How to properly park in a parking space”.

The man then illustrates his point by showing a bank of cars parked right up against the line of the parking space, subsequently leaving lots of space on either side of the vehicle.

“Look how they park,” the man says. “They park on the line. See how evenly spaced they are?”

The audio continues: “Imagine if everybody at Walmart parked on the line. It would lessen the amount of dings and give you space to get in and out of your car.”

The video has gone viral, amassing more than five million views and 561,000 likes.

Viewers of the video had polarising opinions on the “life hack” with some saying the unique method was “genius” and another saying: “I love it!!! You’re right!!!”

Others were more skeptical, saying the system relies on everyone changing their parking habits, which wasn’t realistic.

“It only works if everyone did this though which would never happen,” one person said, while another added: “Not enough common sense for this to happen”.

Some pointed out that the cars in the lot were all the same size, and that in practice the system was overly ambitious.

Certain users were convinced that the system isn’t any better than the way people usually park their cars, with one saying: “That’d be no different than if everyone parked in the centre!”

“Same result parking in the middle of the spot,” another said before one user added: “This will NEVER catch on.”

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