A Viral Video Of Universal Parkgoers Playing Music On A Personal Bluetooth Speaker Has Sparked A Big Debate

 A crowd of Minions looking intently towards the camera in Minions: The Rise of Gru.
A crowd of Minions looking intently towards the camera in Minions: The Rise of Gru.

Theme park etiquette is always going to be a huge topic of discussion when engaging in the subject of attending such destinations. As patrons looking forward to everything new coming to Universal Parks prepare to plan those sorts of trips, the behavior of other parkgoers is something that’s gotten a lot of attention. This is especially the case in a viral video of a Universal Orlando visitor that has sparked a big debate on what place personal Bluetooth speakers have in the parks.

Social media has exposed yet another trend that has people talking, although it’s not as dangerous as improperly secured seatbelts on Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. Instead, the actions in question saw a Universal Orlando Resort attendee playing their own music while crossing over to Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Take a look at the clip below and judge for yourself before we move on further:

In this instance, it might not seem too bothersome, as it was closing time at the park, and this guest was presumably heading on their way home. However, that video was only shared as a response to another scenario that kicked this conversation off. As it turns out, the trend of personal speakers has also popped up throughout events for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights.

So if you’re looking to match wits with our ranking of Universal Hollywood’s HHN houses, you may want to keep this in mind as you make your way through these horrific delights. What's even scarier is, as one could expect, there are certainly a lot of opinions that have been contributed on this Universal Parks scenario.

Attached to the root tweet that shared the viral footage of this phenomenon were quite a few responses that were less than enthusiastic about this new trend. Here’s a sampling of the discourse that followed:

  • “Anyone who does this anywhere is obnoxious.  No one asks to hear your music. Idc if I like it or not.” - @NxtToChris

  • “ppl did this sometimes when i worked at volcano bay. we would shut them down on sight lol” - @duelingkrakens

  • “This would appear to be a thing people are doing now. I saw someone walking around fanexpo Canada balancing one on his head playing the price is right theme and telling everyone Bob barker was dead.” - @CodyInThePark

  • “Yeah, I don't get it. Like, you paid to be there and you're just blasting "My Neck, My Back" on full volume?” - @TheRealDruV1

Look, I get it, not everyone was as excited about the streaming release of Islands of Adventure’s soundtrack. And when it comes to the march back to the parking lot, it’s not exactly the most exciting trek a person can make. That being said, those last two situations are something that probably strike fear into the heart of any parent bringing their young children to Universal Orlando, or any popular event and attraction of this sort of scale.

Questions of how this could happen aren’t easy to answer, as the closest caveat in Universal Orlando’s Policies and Restrictions is a vague clause under “Prohibited Items.” Stating a handful of items that are banned, as well as “any other radio frequency controlled device,” that statement could be used as potential guidance for whether Bluetooth speakers are allowed in the parks or not.

As usual, that’s up to the park’s discretion to enforce. A good time to revise park rules might be coming soon, as both the new Dreamworks land for kids, as well as Universal Epic Universe’s planned 2025 opening, are looming ahead. In the meantime, if you're someone who engages in such Bluetooth-aided behavior, I'd suggest going with something that's a little more family friendly.

At the moment, parkgoers and potential guests will have to keep their eyes and ears open for any sort of regulations that stem from this new concern. On the lighter side of things, if you’re curious about our Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights house ranking, we have those on hand to help you decide where to skip and where to line up.