Viral videos of the week: From a handstand on the edge of the world to a life-like portrait of Morgan Freeman

Yahoo News takes a look at the best videos making a splash on the internet this week:

Daredevil performs handstand by cliff edge:

This will make your palms sweat: Eskil Ronnigsbakken travels the world to perform jaw-dropping balancing acts on cliffs and above canyons. In this vertigo-inducing footage the daredevil shows off his incredible balance, focus and bravery as he completes one-arm handstands on the edge of a cliff in Preikestolen, Norway. Just don't look down!

Delivery by drone?

Amazon reveals delivery by drone.

Amazon revealed their latest tactic to fly ahead of the competition - delivery by drones. The shopping website hopes to slash delivery times by using the unmanned aerial robots - but the technology will not be available for several years.

Coastal communities battered by tidal surge:

The strong tidal surge forces waves against the house.

The worst tidal surge for more than 60 years has torn homes from their foundations and swept them into the sea. Here in Anglesey, off the coast of North Wales, the storm caused waves to batter a house as its occupants filmed from the safety of their living room.

Life-like portrait of Morgan Freeman created on a iPad:

Morgan Freeman painting created using an iPad.

This incredibly detailed portrait of actor Morgan Freeman was created using an iPad by Cheshire-based artist Kyle Lambert. Using more than 285,000 strokes the talented artist 'painted' the individual grey hairs on his beard and marks on his cheeks. The question is - will art classes swap their paint brushes for iPads?

This windscreen wiper is alive!

Pippen the young puppy is transfixed by the moving wiper.

This adorable puppy called Pippen was transfixed by the windscreen wiper in a moving car in Michigan, US.

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