Viral videos of the week: Mars in 3D, a thieving sea lion and Michelle Obama's muscles

Yahoo News takes a look at the best videos making a splash on the internet this week:

Mars like you've never seen it:

Riverbeds, deep valleys and mountains can be seen in this video - of Mars. Data captured by the Mars Express probe created a 3D visualisation of the so-called 'Red Planet'.

Jaw-dropping knife stunt tests friendship:

Stuntman Adam Winrich, who is practising for the Texas Renaissance Festival in America, put his trust is his partner Dakota when the pair performed these jaw-dropping knife tricks.

I'll have that, thanks:

This is the moment Pancho the sea lion located a very large fish and relieved it from the care of Yvan Mucharrz Capella Pedregal, after what was up until that point a successful fishing trip off the coast of Cabo, Mexico.

Zombies invade BBC's Newsnight:

The normally sober news programme Newsnight surprised viewers when host Kirsty Wark joined some 'zombies' to perform the dance routine to Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Scaffolding collapses in hurricane-force winds:

Gales in Frederiksberg, Denmark, caused a large section of scaffolding to dramatically collapse. It was part of the St Jude storm's path of devastation that left at least 13 people dead across Europe.

Curiosity scares the cat:

Val is an inquisitive cat and this toaster posed a great mystery for her. But the poor black American Bombay got more than she bargained for in this video.

Mother's song makes baby cry:

This youngster was moved to tears when her mother, Amanda Leroux started singing. Watch as adorable Mary Lynne Leroux reacts as she listens to her mum.

Wheelchair spin:

21-year-old Aaron Fotheringham, who has spina bifida, is an extreme wheelchair athlete and was the first person to perform a backflip in a wheelchair when he was just 14. Now a performer with the Nitro Circus Live tour, an action sports road show that has come to London, he demonstrates his gravity-defying skills.

That's one way to finish your homework!

Nemanja Blazic, from Serbia, is a whizz at basketball. He can balance the ball on the edge of his toothbrush and even his fork. Here he demonstrates how to balance it on the end of his pen - and he even writes a note.

Michelle Obama shoves off her muscles:

Just a week after Barack Obama showed off his superhero powers when he caught a fainting woman in his arms, his wife, Michelle, displayed her guns with the help of Sesame Street's Elmo and Rosita. The unlikely group were promoting healthy eating.