Virgin River Said Goodbye To An Important Character, And I Have Questions About How It Will Impact Season 5

 Screenshot of the Virgin River logo.
Screenshot of the Virgin River logo.

Spoilers for Season 5 Part 1 of Virgin River are ahead! The first installment of the season just dropped on the 2023 TV schedule, so make sure you tune in on Netflix.

Now, there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to Virgin River’s Season 5 premiere. I’m sure we’re all wondering how Virgin River’s relationships will grow and develop, especially when it comes to key couples like Mel and Jack. However, before we get to that point, we need to talk about Paige’s exit from the show, and how that might affect the season (and Preacher) moving forward.

It was revealed in the final third of Season 5’s premiere that Paige and her son Christopher would be leaving Virgin River after the attack in the cabin. This means she’s leaving her friends, and most importantly Preacher. Considering this exit is a major deal, I have so many questions about how it will impact the rest of Virgin River’s latest season.

Paige standing in Virgin River.
Paige standing in Virgin River.

Why Did Paige Decide To Leave?

Season 5 opens with Preacher and Paige in a cabin after Vince admitted that he shot Jack. Vince was arrested by Mike, an LAPD officer and a friend of Preacher, and he walks out in handcuffs screaming that Paige killed his brother, and Vince hid the body.

While Preacher told Paige that she won’t have to run anymore, clearly she needs a change. Even though Preacher cares about her and will do anything for her, as proven by his actions at the beginning of the episode, she needs to get away from the town and recover from this traumatic experience.

She notes early in the episode that she has a “life to start over, again,” and it seems like she’s going to do exactly that. Then, in a candid conversation with Preacher, Paige explains that Virgin River was special because it was where she knew she was safe from Vince, but he took that from her. This leads her to tell him:

I really wanted to be able to get over that for you. I know I don’t have to run anymore, but I can’t stay.

Then, Paige said he could come with her and Christopher, but Preacher kindly declines, saying:

I wish I could. This…this is my home. You deserve a home to love as much as I love it here.

When it’s actually time to say goodbye, the two share a sweet moment, and they leave on good terms. While it feels like a definitive close of a chapter, it also has opened a door for both Paige and Preacher, and I have questions.

Preacher and Paige sitting together at a table in Virgin River.
Preacher and Paige sitting together at a table in Virgin River.

Questions I Have About Paige’s Exit And Preacher’s Future

So, now that Paige has left, it has raised a lot of questions about her and Preacher’s future. We’ve learned that Season 5 will dive deeper into Preach’s life, and we’re going to see him interact more with characters he hasn’t been paired with yet. However, I have no idea how Paige’s exit will impact said relationships.

Overall, it seems like Paige leaving the town, while a good thing for her, will impact Virgin River, and I have quite a few questions regarding how Season 5 will play out following this moment. Here are a few of the big ones:

  • How will what happened to Paige and Preacher impact Julia? 

  • Will Preacher continue his relationship with Julia now that Paige has moved on? 

  • Is it possible that Paige will come back? 

  • Will Christopher and Preacher stay in contact? 

  • Now that we can focus on other elements of Preacher’s story, will we learn more about his past? I know I always want more backstory about Jack and Preacher

Luckily, we don’t have to wait to find out what happens to Preacher and his relationships in the season that Martin Henderson promised would be “hot” and “steamy.” Part 1 of Virgin River’s fifth season is available with a Netflix subscription.