Virginia Family Hoses Down Property After Neighbor Allegedly Starts Six-Acre Wildfire

An unattended bonfire led to a six-acre brushfire in Chesterfield, Virginia, on November 18, according to local reports.

Danielle Barnes, who shot this video of herself and her family hosing down their property as the fire approaches, said the fire carried over from her neighbor’s land.

Flames came within 30 feet of Barnes’s home, she said, but thanks to firefighters and the forestry department, the house was not damaged.

“Yesterday could have been an utter disaster,” Barnes told Storyful. This footage shows her and her son as they spray water across their property. A wall of flames can be seen among the trees.

Officials said Barnes’s neighbor was charged with illegally burning and issued a summons, according to WRIC. Credit: Danielle Barnes via Storyful

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