I visited secluded 'best beach in Britain' and found a small paradise

Rhossili Bay in the Gower in Swansea
-Credit: (Image: (Image: Alex Evans))

When you think of Britain's best beach, your mind likely wanders to the south coast. Perhaps a stretch of golden sands in Cornwall, a Brighton seaside, or a Devon cove?

Surprisingly, not only has it been voted Tripadvisor's Best Beach in Britain twice, but it also ranks as the third best beach in Europe and ninth best in the world. And chances are, you've never even heard of it. According to Tripadvisor, the top beach in Britain isn't even in England. As a Welshman, I naturally decided to investigate - and made an astonishing discovery.

Indeed, Britain's best beach is actually in Wales. Specifically, it's Rhossili Bay, located in the Gower, near Swansea in South Wales. Being an Evans, my entire family hails from South Wales originally, so I felt a natural urge to see it for myself - and what I found was beyond my expectations, reports the Express.

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At the western end of the stunning Gower Peninsula, you'll discover this beach paradise, where soft sand stretches for miles along the coastline. From the cliffs, you can see vast expanses of golden sand stretching for miles, with shimmering blue waters gently lapping at the shoreline.

It truly is a hidden gem. Despite being little known as a top UK beach destination, it's also tucked away along long, winding Swansea country lanes. Navigating down high hedgerow single-carriage B-roads, it felt like driving to nowhere, until suddenly, a cliff edge and a massive beach appear around a corner.

Upon parking our car, we discovered a quaint ice cream parlour and a pub, along with public toilets at the summit. A large staircase leads down to the beach from the cliff top. Staying up top offers breathtaking views of the Welsh coast and a nearby sunflower farm where you can pick your own sunflowers for a small fee.

However, the beach is the main attraction. It's vast and uncrowded, seemingly undiscovered by many. At low tide, there are countless spots for sunbathing with ample space and minimal crowds.

While some parts of the sand are slightly pebbly or gritty, the beach is generally excellent. The best discovery, however, is Worm's Head, a tidal island just off the beach. As the most westerly point of the Gower peninsula, it's named after a sea serpent.

The headland, only 200 yards wide at its narrowest point, is accessible on foot for two and a half hours either side of low tide. Attempting to reach it outside these times can be deadly, with warning signs and beach managers preventing access during unsafe periods.

Overall, it's a stunning, fascinating, and unique location with plenty to see and few people to obstruct your view.

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