Visitor Documents Escape From Yellowstone-Area Flooding

A visitor to the Yellowstone National Park area had a dramatic start on June 13 when he woke to the severe flooding that would lead to the closure of the park and the evacuation of thousands.

Benjamin Smith was staying at Silver Gate, a few miles from Yellowstone. He said he and his group awoke on June 13 to find the flood was “coming closer to our cabin” having already overtaken a nearby bridge.

“We quickly packed up and got the women and children across,” Smith said.

Smith said he and some others then returned to get more belongings and escaped via a small bridge a local showed them. “We followed a few remaining residents out this way and through the flooded river,” he told Storyful. “We then found out that we only had one road left that could get us out. All the other roads including the one we [took] to get there [were] destroyed,” he said.

The National Park Service said park entrances were closed due to flooding and rockslides. Around 10,000 people were forced to evacuate. The northern portion of Yellowstone National Park was “likely to remain closed for a substantial length of time,” they said.

Montana Gov Greg Gianforte declared a “statewide disaster” on Tuesday via Twitter. Credit: Benjamin Smith via Storyful

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