Vittles Café Broomhill: Sadness at closure of Sheffield's 'oldest' independent family-run café on Glossop Road

Vittles Cafe, on Glossop Road, in Broomhill, Sheffield, had been running since 1986
Vittles Cafe, on Glossop Road, in Broomhill, Sheffield, had been running since 1986

Customers have spoken of their sadness at the sudden closure of a much-loved Sheffield instution, which claimed to be the city's oldest independent, family-run café.

Vittles Café, on Glossop Road, in Broomhill, had been running since 1986 but shut its doors for good earlier this month.

Announcing its closure, owners Mick and Paula Caswell said they did so with a 'heavy heart and a sense of duty to those who have made our cafe more than just a place to grab a coffee or a bite to eat'.

Vittles Cafe
Vittles Cafe

They added: "This café has been more than just a business to us; it has been a community, a refuge, and a place where friendships have blossomed. Your presence, your laughter, and your camaraderie have made this cafe a home away from home for so many and for so many years."

They explained that their lease was coming to an end in a year, and they had decided to sell 'rather than face the uncertainty of its expiration without any financial reward'.

They explained that the new owner had bought the Vittles name so the café 'may be resurrected at some juncture and I wish them the very best with it if this turns out to be the case'.

They added: "Although our cafe's doors may be closing, the memories and friendships we've forged here will continue to thrive."

Vittles, where Mark and Paula took over from the original owners in 2012, had shut briefly in 2016 but reopened after the planned sale fell through.

'Vittles wasn't just a café, it was a place for everyone'

Responding to news of the closure, Ollie Bailey called it 'very sad', adding: "Vittles wasn't just a café, it was a place for everyone... Mick and Paula brought the community together here, every customer was treated like family (and) the food alone was fantastic."

Janet Barlow wrote: "Thank you so much for your kindness and lovely place to come."

Beth Bhargava commented: "Very sorry to hear this - I've spent many happy hours in your cafe and will be so sad to see it go! You definitely made a new city more welcoming for me when I first moved here."

And Paul Clackett wrote: "There can't be many places special enough to make a weekly round trip of 70 miles from Cheshire for. Maybe we're mad (it has been said) but there was great food, great hospitality and often great company.

"We made some good friends over the years with whom we've shared our triumphs and our woes, and puzzled over crossword clues together. All with a fine cup of Yorkshire tea in hand. I'm welling up! We'll really miss Vittles, Mick and Paula in a big way. All the best you guys."