Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
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    It is not easy to get a visa for UK from Russia, to get visa they must be previously well travelled, have employment, home address, money. So every country involved,
    their officials know about them.
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    Robert H
    Russia HAS identified the Russian Hitmen, not "HAVE" identified....where is 5th grade English grammar on Yahoo?
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    'Military grade nerve agent? Do they have civilian grade and recreational grade or business grade or pharmaceutical grade or what?
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    Of course rule number 1 when deploying agents to a foreign country...if they are identified in anyway disavow them and deny they ever worked for your intelligence agency.
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    So what exactly were those 2 men doing, coming into the UK and then out again in a short period of time? Even if the timing of the pair, and the Skripals' movements doesn't fit. I don't believe what the media is feeding me however.
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    Do you believe in Miracles?
    In other news. Those two are recently promoted to the Trumps re-election campaign.
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    And Trump replies: "My friend Vlad, what a guy, is right, nothing illegal, no collusion..."
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    Good European!
    And their real names are?
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    Do "journalists" even have to take grammar classes anymore? Asking for a friend.
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    It wasn't us, Honest. We just look like 2 GRU officers. We were in the area trying to buy a bottle of perfume we saw on ebay for our girlfriend. (How's that Vlad, did we sound convincing?)