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    Of course there was nothing dodgy about these two. They just decided to visit Britain for a couple of days. They liked Salisbury so much, they just had to visit it twice (I think I've visited it four times) And let's be honest, who hasn't stayed in a flat where traces of nerve agent hasn't been found later. Then they decided Britain wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and flew back to Moscow, and probably clocked on for work on the Moscow metro as normal the next day.
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    It is not easy to get a visa for UK from Russia, to get visa they must be previously well travelled, have employment, home address, money. So every country involved,
    their officials know about them.
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    T.L. Toadvine
    Maybe Putin can find the missing Russian Professor too, education is important
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    Robert H
    Russia HAS identified the Russian Hitmen, not "HAVE" identified....where is 5th grade English grammar on Yahoo?
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    'Military grade nerve agent? Do they have civilian grade and recreational grade or business grade or pharmaceutical grade or what?
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    Of course rule number 1 when deploying agents to a foreign country...if they are identified in anyway disavow them and deny they ever worked for your intelligence agency.
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    So what exactly were those 2 men doing, coming into the UK and then out again in a short period of time? Even if the timing of the pair, and the Skripals' movements doesn't fit. I don't believe what the media is feeding me however.
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    Do you believe in Miracles?
    In other news. Those two are recently promoted to the Trumps re-election campaign.
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    Just a massive coincidence, In the words of Trump re Putin, "I don't see why he would" be responsible for this.
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    And Trump replies: "My friend Vlad, what a guy, is right, nothing illegal, no collusion..."