Vlogger Claims Vegemite Lovers Are Racist In Bizarre Online Rant

(Image: Rex)

Vegemite is racist, according to a bizarre YouTube video that’s gone viral.

Vlogger Cassidy Boon’s sweary rant accuses Australian fans of the dark-coloured spread of being racist.

She warns viewers of the clip: “If you eat Vegemite, you’re literally what’s wrong with the world.

“Ever since the 1950s, or whatever, Vegemite has been a way to symbolically make white Australians feel superior to Aboriginals by literally eating their skin in a f*****g jar.”

She’s gotta be kidding, right? It’s an attempt at irony, we think.

She stares into the camera, up close, as she blurts out: “Your favourite f***ing spread is racist as f**k. It’s literally keeping Aboriginals down and making them feel like they’re worthless… You should really be ashamed of yourselves as Australians.

“Vegemite is black because Aboriginals are black. From birth, white Australians are taught that it’s ok to insult and disrespect Aboriginals by spreading this nasty sh*t all over your toast. It’s gotta stop, guys. Seriously.”

It has been watched more than 37k times, received 1k dislikes and 201 likes.

Cassidy Boon is reportedly suing a swimmer who saved her from drowning – for touching her without her consent, according to satirical website The Portly Gazelle.