Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews have revealed name of new baby

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Irish model Vogue Williams and reality TV star Spencer Matthews have revealed the name of their new born son.

Williams, 36, and Matthews, 33, welcomed their third child on April 18.

In an interview with Hello! magazine, Williams said the new arrival had been named Otto James Matthews.

Williams said: “I heard somebody else’s child called Otto a couple of years ago and the name always stuck.

“I just loved it. I think Otto James together sounds really cool.”

The couple said Otto’s middle name is inspired by Matthews’ brother, former professional racing driver James Matthews, who is married to Pippa Middleton.

Williams said Otto is already on his way to becoming a member of the “gang,” which includes the couple’s two other children – three-year-old Theodore and 20-month-old Gigi.

She said: “Otto slotted in straight away. The kids love him and we are obsessed with him.

“Theodore and Gigi love playing with each other and I think that Otto’s going to be another little member of their gang. It’s really lovely to see.”

Matthews revealed the couple have always wanted a large family and acknowledged that they are “lucky” to have been able to fulfil their dream.

Williams revealed the couple’s new son is the spitting image of Matthews (Hello magazine/PA)
Williams revealed the couple’s new son is the spitting image of Matthews (Hello magazine/PA)

He said: “We feel very fortunate and really blessed – we couldn’t ask for better kids.

“It’s always been our intention to have a big family and we are very lucky that we have been able to do that.”

Williams said the family’s newest addition is the “spitting image” of Matthews.

“I mean, there’s none of me in there,” she said.

She added: “If I had been shown this baby and had to choose which one was mine, I would never know because he’s just the spitting image of Spencer.”

The full interview with Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews is available now in Hello! magazine.

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