'Voice' contestant has Kelly Clarkson in tears and kicking herself: 'I'm such an idiot'

On The Voice Monday night, the top 13 contestants performed special dedications to people who mean the most to them, and it was Team Legend's Jershika Maple, a 25-year-old soul singer from Texas, who touched hearts when she dedicated her performance to two people who changed her life.

"I'm dedicating this song to my fourth and fifth grade teachers. In fourth grade I had a learning disability, which is where I discovered I had dyslexia. I actually had to repeat the fourth grade and got to see my friends go forward, and I got teased and bullied. I was ashamed," shared Jershika. Fortunately, her teachers came to her rescue.

"Thankfully, God came through and I met my teachers," explained Jershika. "Miss Rita Gatson was my fourth grade teacher. She noticed me. And then my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Taylor, he made the subjects fun. I joined chess club. I did things that I never thought I would do. That's why this song is 'God Only Knows.' He literally saved me because he knew that those teachers would see something that I couldn't see."

John Legend, who stole Jershika from Team Kelly during the Battle Rounds, told his artist during rehearsals, "I am so grateful that Kelly made such a big mistake and let you go. You are just one of the best performers in this competition." And on Monday, Kelly Clarkson was totally kicking herself, when she found herself in tears following Jershika's powerful performance.

"I am so sorry," said Kelly, who said she was trying to "pull it together."

Kelly then told her former artist, "You are such a beautiful, majestic messenger. What a perfect song. What a perfect moment. What a perfect story to tell for this moment. It was just all – it was packaged so beautifully. I'm losing it. It was so beautiful, Jershika. I'm such an idiot. I should never have let go of her from my team, but I hope you come back and kick my behind."

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