‘The Voice,’ The Day After: Dishing About the Top 8 Semifinals

Lyndsey Parker

This crazy top eight week on The Voice semifinals, also known as the “Red Chair Wedding,” four contestants went home, all at once, including both of Gwen Stefani’s presumed frontrunners, Hunter Plake and Brennley Brown, aka “Hennley.” (Two other worthy contenders, Team Alicia’s Vanessa Ferguson and Team Blake’s TSoul, also didn’t survive this bloodbath.) And today, my “The Day After” co-host, Season 9 Team Gwen finalist Jeffery Austin, and I are still in shock/mourning.

There is So. Much. To. Talk. About. Where to begin? Along with last night’s quadruple-elimination shocker and Monday’s mostly excellent performances, there’s an entire Twitterverse of conspiracy theories, plus our predictions for which of the remaining top four — Team Blake’s Lauren Duski and Aliyah Moulden, Team Adam’s Jesse Larson, and Team Alicia’s Chris Blue — will win next week. And of course, we can’t resist the latest juicy news about American Idol superstars Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson signing on as Voice coaches.

So pour yourself some Voice tea, find yourself a spot in the shade, sit back, and enjoy the second-to-last “Day After” episode of Season 12. We’ll be back next week for finale dish!

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