'Voice' Fan Favorite Matt McAndrew Premieres New Song 'Just a Boy' at Yahoo Music

Lyndsey Parker

Matt McAndrew may have placed second on The Voice Season 7, but he’s come out a winner, as one of the most popular contestants to ever compete on the show. His official Voice single, “Wasted Love,” skyrocketed to a then-record-setting #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 (with opening sales of 209,000), and he has returned to the show again and again, most recently serving as the host of the Voice‘s Amazon Echo-cast series and touring with his Season 7 friend Luke Wade.

But Matt is making a name for himself outside the show, too, with his wonderful self-released EP, Rush in Slowly. Matt recently stopped by Yahoo Music to play acoustic versions of two of the EP’s tracks, “Bones” and “Cahuenga Blvd.,” as well as a world premiere of a lovely unreleased tune, “Just a Boy.”

He also sat down to talk about life after The Voice (and after Republic Records), his childhood aspirations of being a talk show host, his diehard fans, what happened behind the scenes of his Fight Club-themed “Counting on Love” music video, and that infamous night when he dislocated his shoulder only 20 minutes before his big headlining show at L.A.’s Roxy — and played the gig anyway, in a hospital gown.

McFandrews, catch up with Matt here!

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