The Voice UK 2018: From a backing singer to a brother and sister duo - this week's must see auditions

Natasha Sporn
Last chance: The blind auditions end this week: ITV

The final week of The Voice UK blind auditions have arrived and there is no shortage of hopefuls vying for those final places.

Sir Tom Jones,, Jennifer Hudson and Olly Murs are all looking to fill their teams in this week's episode.

From a waitress to a backing vocalist, here are four acts you really want to look out for this Saturday...

Scarlett Quigley

Waitress: Scarlett Quigley is looking to break into singing (ITV / The Voice)

Bringing her own unique style, combined with an operatic tone, 19-year-old (at the time of filming) Quigley works in her Grandma’s bed and breakfast. However, her Grandma surprised her by signing her up for The Voice. Will her evocative performance of Phantom of the Opera’s Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again stir up the right emotions in the judges and win her a place in the competition?

Sand & Stone

Duo: Brother and sister Tom and Abi are looking to wow the judges (ITV)

Brother and sister Tom and Abbie Dixon rock up with a duet of Mumford and Son’s I Will Wait. A love of rock and roll dancing as a kid pulled Tom into a love of music, soon picking up a guitar and joining forces with his little sibling. But will the duo join forces with any of the singing stars?

Kalon Rae

Coach: Kalon Rae is looking to get his own mentor for the show (ITV)

From London, via Italy, Rae is keen to make an impression on the judging panel and progress through the competition. When he moved country, Rae joined the Urban Voices Collective – a choir familiar to audiences after a performance at the London 2012 Olympics – but now mainly works as a vocal coach. But will his performance of Yazoo’s Only You strike a chord with the judges?

Debbie Aramide

Spotlight: Backing singer Debbie Aramide is looking to sing at the front (ITV)

Rounding off the blind auditions with her rendition of Amy Winehouse’s Love Is A Losing Game, Aramide is looking to step forward from her role as a backing vocalist and into the spotlight herself. The 29-year-old also pens her own songs but is her future in the competition written in the stars?