Voices: Confessions: I had a holiday romance I will never forget

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Having him in my head did not help with my nervousness about being on the slopes  (Getty/iStockphoto)
Having him in my head did not help with my nervousness about being on the slopes (Getty/iStockphoto)

I went skiing in Poland with a large group of 23, organised by my very generous uncle. It was absolutely incredible: the country, the people, the food – everything.

On the plane I sat next to one of my uncle’s best friends’ sons, Elliott, who I hadn’t met before. It turned out he was in a band that I used to listen to, and even saw live when I was a teenager (there were 10 years between us). It’s perhaps no surprise to say that sparks flew on the plane despite me learning all about him and his wife and their family – back home in England.

A few days later, our group all went skiing, some better than others, which divided the group. Most went ahead while some (me) were left sliding down the slopes on our bottoms. My uncle tried his absolute best to help me reach my potential, which I knew was in there somewhere. But having him in my head did not help with my nervousness.

After a good hour, my uncle gave up – and so did I. I’d had enough. I just wanted to walk down the slope alone so he could catch up with the others and leave me content with my two left feet. But then, along after him came my new, free skiing instructor – Elliott. He told my uncle he would take over my teaching, as he didn’t want me to give up after all the hard work that I had done.

Well, let’s just say that my confidence went up and up –and so did my body heat, despite the freezing conditions and snow. We had a great day getting to know each other and building up our holiday friendship, but it was more than that. It felt like we were establishing a true connection.

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The next evening when I played one of his well-known songs in the bar at the hotel for everyone to hear, he looked over and smiled – shocked but happy. It was clear that something was happening between us. Perhaps what happened next was inevitable.

Conversations were had and the bar had closed for the night, with our group all in bed ready for the next skiing session. We, on the other hand, were left without anyone watching us. It was amazing. We slept together and it felt profound, deeper than just sex.

The next day, however, he wanted to pretend it had never happened; he was married, so I understood why. But damn, did it hurt! I now know why some people can’t deal with casual flings: I am one of them. Sex is sex, granted, but I definitely felt more happening between us and was gutted that it never got the chance to develop.

The rest of the holiday was heartbreaking. I could go on, but I basically felt like I’d met someone special – who could have been something special in my life.

If you asked me if I would I do it again, I’d still say yes. Always yes. Does it still hurt...? Also yes. Let my experience be a warning before you follow your heart on holiday.

To cut a long story short: don’t fall in love with your uncle’s best friend’s married son.

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