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 (Moose Allain)
(Moose Allain)

Thanks to all these wits and wonders of Twitter. Especially to Moose Allain for permission to use his cartoon (above): do visit his website.

1. I went to a music themed fancy dress party as a harp. The host said: “You’re not a harp, your costume is too small!” I said: “Are you calling me a lyre?” The Dad Joke Man.

2. Imhotep – the most humbly opinionated of the ancient Egyptians. Kevin Hague.

3. Charles Dickens was a journalist before he became an author – he worked for two local newspapers: it was the Bicester Times and it was the Worcester Times. Jam.

4. Just finished a heart-warming book about a removal company. It really got to the heart of what these people do for a living. Moving stuff. Glenny Rodge.

5. I’ve been thrown out of the Arctic Circle for revealing secrets about the Arctic. Moose Allain.

6. I avoid European capital cities like the Prague. Phlegm Clandango.

7. For years I hunted the creature called “the Medusa of the Seas”, whose mere glance turned men into whales. One day, in the remote floes of the North, I chased her down. Then I saw her face. Now I’m a beluga. David Quantick.

8. Thinking of opening up a chicken restaurant. It’s mostly grain and seeds, right? Glenny Rodge.

9. I’m opening a chicken coop. Owned by the chickens. For the chickens. Returntogo.

10. Insulate Britain say they’re working on a manifesto, but at present all they’ve got is a draft. Charles Arthur.

Next week: The Top 10 Top 10s of 2021.

Coming soon: Politically significant small shops, such as the Tesco Express at Westminster, Alf Roberts’s grocery in Grantham and Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

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