Volcanic activity as Etna erupts in explosions and gas bubbles

The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Etneo Observatory, announces that from the early hours of today (February 15), a gradual intensification of the explosive activity at the South-East Crater is observed. While the activity is continuous at the eastern vents of the same crater, an intracratonic explosive activity also continues in the Bocca Nuova, Voragine, and Northeast craters. With regard to the average amplitude of the volcanic tremor, this had already shown an increasing tendency from the early hours as of this morning. As of this morning, a more significant increase has been recorded: the amplitude has reached high values ​​and has remained so until the current state. The source of the tremor is located below the SE Crater, at a depth of about 2900m. The infrasonic activity appears to be high, both for the frequency of occurrence of infrasonic transients and for their amplitude.