This Volkswagen Camper Bus Is Now a Camping Trailer

volkswagen type 2 bus camper trailer
Volkswagen Camper Bus Is Now a Camping TrailerBring a Trailer
  • The camper versions of Volkswagen's iconic Microbus may be great to camp in, but they're not so great to drive. This build solves that problem.

  • Created (mostly) from a 1974 VW Type 2, this VW is sure to be the only one of its kind at Burning Man.

  • This is one Bring a Trailer auction where you'll instead want to bring a tow vehicle.

Volkswagen Microbus campers are undeniably cool. They're also undeniably slow. Attaching a cart to a team of sloths is probably a faster way to get around. And maybe it isn't the greatest idea to drive around in modern traffic in a vehicle where the front crash protection is basically just your legs. But what if you could have all the fun of a pop-top vintage VW, without the downsides? Have we got the camper for you.

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Car and Driver

Today's pick at auction site Bring A Trailer (or in this case, maybe Bring a Trailer Hitch?)—which, like Car and Driver, is part of Hearst Autos—is a 1974 Volkswagen Type 2 Westfalia... trailer. It's a wacky but well-executed idea that gets rid of the slow vintage-vehicle part of Westfalia ownership but lets you keep the quirky camper fun.

volkswagen type 2 bus camper trailer
Bring a Trailer

The builder took a 1974 VW Type 2, repaired all the rust, then welded up the front doors and wheel wells and jettisoned the front axle and steering gear. A new tube-frame chassis underneath provides structural strength, and the removal of the engine creates more storage than you'd get in a powered Westy. The interior is finished in nicely contrasting bamboo and tweed, and foam insulation keeps the cold at bay. A pop-top camper top from a 1972 Wesfalia completes the makeover.

volkswagen type 2 bus camper trailer interior
Bring a Trailer

With a stated total weight of 2360 pounds and a tongue weight of 250 pounds, this Westfalia trailer can be towed by a broad range of vehicles. Embrace an environmentally friendly attitude, as befits a 1970s Westfalia, and hook it up behind your EV and go enjoy nature. Or strap this thing behind a Ram TRX and beat everyone else to the psychedelic rock festival.

volkswagen type 2 bus camper trailer rear
Bring a Trailer

Of course, the real power move would be to tow this trailer with another Westfalia, although it would have to be one of those resto-modded ones done up with a Subaru engine and upgraded brakes. Imagine the double-takes you'd get when cruising down the highway.

In any event, this fun little VW bus-trailer is going to be headed out on new adventures soon. The no-reserve auction ends October 5.

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