Volkswagen ID. models to get over the air updates

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Volkswagen has announced that its line-up of electric cars will now receive regular software updates.

These updates had previously only been available as part of a test phase for customers who had registered with the ‘ID. First Movers Club’ but now, it’s being opened up to all electric ‘ID.’ models.

Volkswagen plans to provide free software to its customers ‘around every twelve weeks’ in order to both keep the vehicles themselves up-to-date while also bringing a better customer experience.

Customers will also be able to add services and functions to their vehicles when required. For instance, Travel Assist could be installed and Volkswagen even admits that ‘improved battery performance’ could be downloaded if a customer is travelling on a long journey.

Ralf Brandstätter, Volkswagen CEO, said: “Full availability of our Over-the-Air Updates underlines the innovative capacity of Volkswagen and forms the basis for a completely new, digital customer experience.”

The first update focuses on the ID. Light system – a strip of light at the bottom of the windscreen. For instance, it can now give drivers information about how they could be saving energy while driving, as well as added assistance through the automatic distance control system when using cruise control.

This update also brings a more focused dynamic main beam control, while the graphics on the infotainment become ‘calmer and clearer’ when travelling at night, too.

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