Volkswagen WeShare officially launches in Berlin (Mark Kane)
Volkswagen WeShare

1,500 e-Golfs and 500 e-up!s, as well as some new ID.3 to be offered in Berlin by the end of 2020.

Volkswagen launched its all-new and all-electric WeShare car-sharing system in Berlin with a fleet of e-Golf.

The “free-floating” system will gradually expand to 1,500 e-Golfs, which in 2020 will be followed by 500 e-up! an undisclosed number of Volkswagen ID.3 from mid-2020.

The price per minute of use is €0.19 (£0.17), but it will increase from September to €0.29 (£0.26) on average in three categories.

"Initially, the service area of WeShare will cover about 150 km2 – in the city center and beyond the city train ring line. Later, the area will be extended in line with the expansion of the fleet. Upon the launch of the system, customers can benefit from an attractive tariff of 19 cents per minute. The registration and airport fees will also be waived. From September onwards, tariffs in three categories are to be offered at an average price per minute of 29 cents.

Customers will need to have a smart phone and credit card, to be at least 21 years old, to have held a driving license for at least one year and to be registered at an address in Germany."

Having so many electric cars on the road, especially the upcoming ID.3, Volkswagen will be able to promote its BEVs and offer something close to paid test drives.

Because there are no proprietary charging stations, the WeShare team will collect cars with low state-of-charge and charge them. At a later stage, customers will be incentivized to part at public charging stations.

"Following the launch of the system, the WeShare vehicles will be collected and charged by WeShare service employees when the battery level is low. In later operation, users will receive incentives for recharging vehicles themselves."

Next year Volkswagen intends to add two more cities:

  • Prague, Czech Republic, together with Škoda
  • Hamburg, Germany